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Camersoft WebCam Capture is a nice web camera recording software
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Camersoft WebCam Capture is a nice web camera recording software. Of course, it lets you record video using your USB web camera, but it also lets you add a variety of nice and fun effects to the video. The application's main window consists of three main panes. The one on the left shows your video. The one next to it, on the right, shows a list of available effects, and the pane below that shows the effects that have been added to your video. The effects are sorted into 7 different categories: Animations, Distortions, Filters, Scenes, Faces, Accessories and Frames. When you click on any of the categories, the available effects will be listed on the right with a snapshot of how they look. Simply click on an effect and it will be added to your video. There are tons of interesting ones. Camersoft Webcam Capture can track your head, so it can replace it with lots of things, including faces of famous people and it can put hats on it. The tracking isn't the best I have seen, but it works OK. The good thing about this app, in comparison with similar tools, is that you can record the video with the effects enabled.

In short, Camersoft WebCam Capture is a nice tool for messing around with your web cam and creating fun videos. It works well and it is very easy to use.

José Fernández
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